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  Wednesday, May 2, 2007  
Samsung D900 Red vs Samsung E900 Pink Fight of the Beasts
the reason of

What behind the development relentlessdell'the mobile industry? The answer is simple-people enough is orapi�inclined to last happenings in the field of mobile technology ele thefurniture companies manufacturing is producing constantlyimicrotelefoni specializes to you in order to answer to the increasingrequirement. Leaziende you furnish have submergeeed the market fromthe telephones you furnish different deglistili and format-while someare candybars simple, some are advanced covers sexy. The lasttelephones that stianofacendo the waves are the attractive cursorithat reveal the codicecategoria and the exclusive feature. Samsung,the Korean mobile giant of the sudha introduced to some cold cursoriin the market-all nuovoSamsung red D900 and the color rose of SamsungE900 is such duehandsets.

First, comes to thecharacteristics of the color rossodi Samsung D900. The culminatingpoint of this telephone of the cursore �la relative camera of the3,15 megapixel with autofocus edil flash. The effects of the photo,the structures and the regolazionidifferenti of quality are here toobtain the demanded result. Impressive Leimmagini and videos the houra release is right via. Lacaratteristica of music of the telephone isshiningly controllataattraverso the integrated player of music thatsupports the variedisposizioni like MP3, AAC and AAC+. Othercharacteristics gradisconoil visore of the document, the escape of theTV, Bluetooth, the altoparlantehandsfree, the note of voice, WAP 2,0,GPRS, the EDGE etc make ilcolore red that of Samsung D900 a color rosegreat dibargain.

The Samsung E900 moreover offers oneplethora photographic dimacchina of the megapixel features-2 withflash and one zoomdigita them of 4 x, the video recording MPEG4 andH263, the escape dellaTV, the visore of the document, the loudspeakerhandsfree, Bluetooth, EDGE, SyncM, the note of voice, the recorder ofvoice, lospeakerphone, the player of music with MP3, the STORAGE CELL,ACC+, eAAC+ and the support of WMA and therefore The memory of thetelephone good �abbastanza with 80MB. Moreover, the color rose ofSamsung E900sostiene the memory card.

In of MicroSD verywell, is ilSamsung red D900 that the color rose of Samsung E900 isabbastanzaastuto to bind together yours lifestyle. To possess one andottenerenoticed!

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  Monday, April 30, 2007  
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