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Attack on Chinese-run Ethiopian oil field kills over
Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Attack on Chinese letting aethiopisches oil catchingtoetungen over 70 to run Forbes
Javno.hrAttack onChinese lassenaethiopisches oil to catch toetungen over 70Forbes torun, catch  NY  2 hours agoThe official-Chinese Xinhua,which press agency, which not-identified around 200 armed bandits wassaid, which attack on that oil discharged, in the Somali condition up,in the Zhongyuan China... attack on Chinese-possessed oil company atleast 74(Zusammenfassung -) monsters and Critics.comAttackup-Chinese-possessed oil company oelfirmatoetungen 74'74 ' Ethiopia attack ABC in regional on-line BBC theBulgaria  times on-line universe 306Nachrichtenarticles

Woman's correctIndia at least to Sueueber Huntley attack - right skyNews
Womans to Sueueber Huntley AttackSky message, UK  5 hours agoNewstauchte yesterday up that hewell-known-had drastically his preceding to refusal-take back and tothe attack of his prison cell... nY - 2 Stunden agoThe dieamtlichechinesische Xinhua, welches Nachrichtenagentur, die um 200nichtidentifizierte bewaffnete Banditen gesagt wurde, den Angriff aufdemOel ausstiess, im somalischen Zustand auf, in dem ZhongyuanChinas... Angriff auf Chinesisch-besessener Oelfirma mindestens74(Zusammenfassung -) Monster und Critics.comAttackaufChinesisch-besessenen Oelfirmatoetungen 74 getoetetesIndienmindestens'74 ' Aethiopien Angriff ABC imregionalenOnlineBBC Bulgaria - Zeiten Onlineall 306Nachrichtenarticles

Woman's berichtigenzu Sueueber Huntley Angriff - Recht Himmel News
Womanszu Sueueber Huntley AttackSky Nachrichten,  UK - 5 StundenagoNewstauchte gestern auf, dass er drastisch seine vorhergehendeAblehnungzurueckgenommen und zum Angriff von seiner Gefaengniszellebekannthatte....

HIVInfektion scheint, Herz-Angriff To raise danger -WashingtonPost
SpiritIndiaHIV infection, heartAngriffRiskWashington post, which seems to raise  DC 38Minuten agoTUESDAY, April 24 (HealthDay message) -- which peoplenearly, which is heart-attack-stuck on twice with HIV face the danger,which seems not infected individuals... hivInfektion, heart attackdanger Forbesall 19 Nachrichtenarticles

Another dogattack as family deplores death -
Dog fluDiaet undDiseasesAnotherhundeangriff, while family,  New Zealand  13 hours agoVirginia Ohlson,56, died after the attack by a pit bulletin and a StaffordshireKreuzbriefly before 7am on Saturday, during from going into theirhometown... P.M. Report according to the dog laws deadly-attackedradio new ZealandPM of orders report of the dog laws after-deadlyattack radio new Zealandall 98 Nachrichtenarticles

City 30years receive imAngriff on sun reporters - BaltimorejugendlichSun
City receives 30 years in the attack onSonnereporterBaltimore sun, said to  MD  47 MinutenagoPolicethat he an attack on February. , 2006, after a safety divice Biegernear that Baltimore electric circuit court...

Migrainemen ' place-larger heart attack danger '
SpiritIndiaMigraine man ' facehave-larger heart attack risk', led 25 with 20 yearsindustrial experience oneful distance of the energy procurementoffering auf73-year-old Karl Schoettler to  UK  4StundenagoProfessional energy consultants, energy efficiency andenergy training... Men mitMigraene higher danger of the heart attackand heart attack danger ' AdferoMigraine man ' face of the noticeEingeweihterMedicineMigraine of men ' place you larger larger heartattack danger ' 32 messages morearticles

74 killed imAngriff onChinese oil venture in Ethiopia
74,which is minute-killed in the attack on Chinese oil venture,  UK  12, agoSeven Chinese workerskidnapped auchin the attack, which the government on aSeparatistgruppe blamed, said aethiopischen wortfuehrer of the primeminister...

Al Qaidagroup requirement attack - Shanghai Daily
Washington,which was post office QaidaGruppe attackShanghai daily paper, China  30 MinutenagoThe an Islamic condition of the Iraq, agroup of umbrellas of Sunnimilitants stated, which closealuminium-Qaida in the Iraq, said it, behind attack of Monday onunited states... the attack up-low toetungen nine US soldier theAustralianInsurgent of requirements for group responsibility fordeadly attack YorkDispatchQaeda connected group of requirementsattack, which killed 9 US Truppender Iraq in the internationalVerkuender Tribuneall 591 Nachrichtenarticles
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