Thursday, May 3, 2007

Checking bank account - ABN Amro must seek shareholders’ OK on LaSalle

ABN Amro must seek the free OK of shareholders’surla pressure of sale
Detroit of bank of LaSalle-AMSTERDAM, � of the Netherlands "a Dutch court has r�gn�aujourd'today that abn Amro must seek the approval of actionnaireavant whichit can continue with the sale $21 billion propos�ede its bankChicago-based LaSalle towards the bank of Am�rique.R�gner was aretreat for the
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Wolfowitz combat tosetenir above on the money of job
CNN - WASHINGTON(CNN) - - the continuous flamewar to whirl aroundPr�sidentPaul Wolfowitz of the World Bank while it fights fortenirdessus on its work. Thursday, Wolfowitz released a letterenvoy�eau special committee of the directors of the World Bank whichest