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Monday, May 7, 2007

Chocolate online - Hot Chocolate Love Potion 1 in Winter


Chocolate... this word evokes of suchvieillesm�moires marvellous - holidays of family, chocolate cakesdela mom and biscuits of piece of chocolate Sunday... But ils' provesthat in the world of adult that this dessert has so much plus� him!You knew that chocolate is also known commechocolat considered bylegendary Italian Casanova of Mr. perfect LoverGiovanni ofproduct?

A of essential seduction for �treune leftcontinuation. The tempter celebrates atoujours carried a silver platedbox of chocolates which lesdames simply could not resist. Moreover,Casanova has cruque the secrecy of its sexual force extended in aritual cup dematin of hot delicious drink of chocolate.

Thisestpas difficult to the spoons of table of prepare:

2 of the cocoa 1 powder
spoon of tabledesugar
of cane 100 ml of milk
that an indentdepepper
U' ll of peppers have just to mix it good etpour toput it on a slow fire. Do not forget to stir up it until cequ' itboilings. As soon as it is enough - the drink is cupdeready!

A of hot chocolate will heat the "feelings" devotreassociated when it is external so cold!;)

P.S. Do not forgetthat the chocolate is very rich encalories, thus do not maltreat withhim. Its account of calorieest more than 500 Kcal by 100g. Among thebars of chocolate populairesSnickers and Mars are richest incalories.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

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