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Employee handbook policies - EMPLOYEE POLICY HANDBOOK (PDF)EMPLOYEE. POLICY HANDBOOK. San Francisquito


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EMPLOYEE.MANUALE OF POLITICS. Autorit Di United Alimentazioni Of the Saint InsenaturaDi Francisquito� OF the POLITICAL HANDBOOK OF the manual IMPIEGATI.Questo of political of it employs to you�
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Monday, April 30, 2007

The Death of Common Sense (Employee handbook policies)


There has T a death in our socit which still has pourtre note; the death of the good direction. I have dcouvert that the bonsens is hard kind to dfinir because each one seems to have uneide diffrente of what it is and of what is not. Here monprendre him: The good direction is good judgement unworthy driv of uneexprience bases on �the reasonable standard of anybody�. What lamoyenne, the reasonable person make in a direction desituation?

Common is a thing drle. We admire lespersonnes who have a spirit stratgic, a talent for lemodle, or vast the crativit. We seldom admire some unpour his good direction. It is the hros mconnu attributes. Noussemblons to suppose that each one A and actively employs it in the basede their actions, of the dcisions and behaviors.

And ainsinous let us take it for agreement. We rduisons the value of him entant that such an amount of thinks simple-occupies. It Sr in lamme league that thinks it stratgic, is it is not him? It is SIsimple, lmentaire and basic which we did not obtain exercs enemployant the good direction. It is not been worth on our valuations desperformances. Nobody speaks about it.

Ironically, it seems me that the manire easiest to impress somebody avecvotre brilliance is by dmontrant the good direction. noncez that the videntet the people will be souffls parts by your " insight�.

After joining a company, I have T given undocument of process of 16 pages which has dtaill the slaps that lesdirecteurs have D to take while recruiting and by renting a nouvelemploy. I professionally have glance this package of sleeping bag critet laughed me. Nobody would never take time to read this! The good direction (and the exprience) have me indiqu that the directors will neliront anything longer than a ball-point which is direct and aupoint. I have matter of rcrire the process in a list decontrle of a page and a flow chart of accompaniment of page. My new director has T parquet floor! On the achievement, I salu with gratitude and the kudos dlirants has. And the gensont employ rellement it.

To I, that employed the bonsens. In the place of work of today, the good direction has me indiquque people are occups and needs the fast manires etefficaces to carry out their work. A document of processusformellement crit the length of a short novel conceals destiny pourtre ignored.

While which I would like to see the good sensguidant more conomic activit such as processes etstratgie, I am assomm to see the sectors O the good senssemble having T shooting death for gain.

As montaireun kid, I learned how to employ the good judgement (good direction) and nepas to harm of others (thic). Then I grew and I have dincorporer these values Mrs. each environment which I have critainsi I could survive and hold my tte to the top of high etavec fiert. When I have commenc to work, I have figur that lebon direction says me:

1) not to fly of my employer, decollgues or of the customers

2) not to lie my director, collgues or with the company

3) pourne not to change documents of company, forges signatures ous' engage in all the others activity

As illgaux quej' cries this, I realize that the good direction incarnates much dechoses. It holds an umbrella above thic, bonnesfaons, the healthy judgement, morals and the cultural standards. Jepense that the good direction indicates to you to act dansl' environment suitably that you are inside. When in the glise, you act some manire because the good direction vousindic that singing outside extremely with your iPod are fronc lessourcils at the time. When with work, the good direction indicates-T-ilque to you to act professionally, which affects how to you conversezavec a VP in the elevator.

If that you know that the flight, lemensonge or to do something of illgal would obtain put lefeu to you if you tiez attrap, not temptation of point of contact of bonsens in the bud? For the average, anybody reasonable, jecrois that it. The good direction would jump inside and enarrire rorienterait you on the right way, right?

And still, chaquecompagnie that I know has a handbook filled out of policies pourrappeler the jusques employs and including which being surdes cards of prsence, stealing the proprit of company etharcelante of the collgues is the cause for the disciplinary action, the arrt. Apart from do reasons lgales to make thus, rellement nousdevons to put this in criture and to point out desemploys this in the sessions?

I annual of formation do not neayez need for a policy to tell me not harcelerd' others employs, because the good direction indicates to me for traiterd' others with the courtesy and the respect. I do not only have need for unepolitic indicating to me not to change documents decompagnie because the good direction I indicate to me could serve the tempsde prison if caught.

Maybe which is because I have the bonsens. I value my good direction because it is one thing which me garderahors of the trouble. The good direction indicates to me not to enter unmauvais vicinity the night only. It indicates to me that not setrouver, to cheat, steal or make the things with the intentionmalveillante. Basically, it helps me protger my body, spirit, heart, spirit and me - and my assets.

Think decombien easier life would dimension if people employed the good sensde to guide their dcisions and actions. We do not need plusde stratgie and innovating solutions to make affairesfonctionner more effectively. We need good direction. The valuation of the people for their good direction when the interviewervous help to weed outside populate which it need a book depolitic recalling them that the fraud and the flight are wander. To employ the good direction when to tablir a process or a procd peutvous to help to obtain the rsultats you want. To employ the good sensde the manire that you treat of the people can drailler desissues with the moral one, mining and feel it imprvu deresignations.

Common can tre the essential hros mconnu but ilest for the plan of play. Leave the good direction tre the pineet the base of each action, dcision and behavior. You serezstupfi how much easier businesses - and your life - suddenly becomes.