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  Tuesday, April 24, 2007  
New Audi TT Awarded 2007 World Car Design of the Year

Juste recently new Audi TTT was proclaimed as design 2007 of carof the world of the year reversing twenty-eight otherscandidats.

Les judges consisted of the journalistscirculating in the car famous of 22 different countries around theworld. The panel reached its verdict and announced the reward with theinternational automatic exposure of New York during theweek-end.

La car of the world of sworn year recommended thenew widened vaults of wheel of TTs, the smooth silhouette, and thesimple grill of reinforcement of signature. They said that while thereis a clear connection in original TTs Bauhaus naming, the model ofsecond generation is transformed into a more modern form. The juryalso congratulated the efforts that Audi exerted to create a moreroomy fuselage and driver-focalis´┐Że.

La design 2007 of carof the world of the year is not the first reward that new Audi TTTreceived. Did its mixture of charming design and absolute dynamismgain the rewards of TTT of the higher speed of BBC and which car?Stores in Great Britain and a reward different of s.t.o.l Motorweltand magazines from Bild of car in Allemagne.

Nouvel Audi TTTalso received the identification in Australia. It was allotted the carof drive of the year by drive.com au, the age and herald of morning ofSydney. The new TTT is available with a four cylinder motor of 2.0TFSI or with an engine and Quattro of six-cylinder of 3.2 literspermanent all-wheel-conduire.

Le new crosses of Audi TTT islonger, more with far, and well better equipped than its predecessorbut in spite with his size it is very light. Such a reduction ofremarkable weight is made possible by the hybrid aluminium body ofutilisation/acier ASF (seen space of Audi). Except Audi TTT, Audi RS 4also received a reward as conveys 2007 of execution of the world ofthe year while Audi A6 was the inaugural car of the prone world of theyear in 2005.

Au of Audi

Audi AG is a German baseof manufacturer of Ingolstadt car, in Bavaria and a completely hadsubsidiary company of Volkswagen the manufacturer of the water pumpsof quality VW with registered offices at WolfsburgAllemagne.

Audi is famous around the world to produce thevehicles which seem not only good but also the wire when it comes tothe execution and the power. Audi is the unit of luxury of Volkswagenand directed by CEO Rupert Stadler.

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