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  Sunday, April 29, 2007  
Dog mom saves puppies from flames - Denver
mom of
Dog the conserve the puppies from flames -ilmom de Denver Post
Dog conserve the puppies from thealberinodel flamesDenver,  CO - the 28 you open them, thepuppies 2007Six �stato saved through their mother from a houseburning de Westminsterprima that the firemen have arrived in order tohelp savings parecchialtri animals, put into an oven the hero of themom of the pups of the civil employees... moreover after thearticles
Source of news de DenverPostall 2 of rescue: theWeb site dinews.google.com

New offers thegioiaquotidiana to a world Sollecit-Riempito - PR-Inside.com (the Websitedi Pressemitteilung)
New offers the daily joy adunWorldPR-Inside.com Sollecit-Riempito (Pressemitteilung), Austria - 5 hours of ago' Sometimes it seems that the�riempito world of desperation and violence fear, negativity, andlanostra hope is that the simple joy of the game of puppiesporter�...the
Source: momdinews.google.com

Dog the conservepuppiesdalle the flames - mom de the Denver Post
Dogconserve ipuppies from the starter shaft of the flamesDenver, CO - the 28 you open them, the puppies 2007Six has beensaved through their mother from casaburning a friday de Westminsterbefore the firemen has arrived to peraiutare savings several otheranimals... the animals domesticiuccisi in fire cw2.comMan of the housede Westminster arrested perincendio fraudulent after 4 animals die inarticles
Sourcedi the news of the vixen Colorado.comall 5of the fuocoTheDenverChannel.comMy of the Room of thefiammata9NEWS.comWestminster: returns of the catdinews.google.com

Mother ondisordinesupplementare; Puppies abandons from the returns of the northof gattodi the Times
Mother of the county of themother... - additional suldisordine to you; Puppies abandons to youwithin the times dellacontea of the mother... to north, CA - the 27 opens them, 2007That' sperch� the cat of themason of Susie, Tinkerbell, is nourishing its nononly three kittensbabies, but also three puppies of Chihuahuadi which to possess themother the daily Yomiuri
TV to the filmpoignant willnot nourish... the

TV inorder to show to raccontodogged of survival film poignantapproximately stars ditremito... - of story dogged of survival ofexposure approximately lestelle of tremito... the daily Yomiuri, Japan - 9 orestoria of the agoThe of true of a dog thatprotegge its puppies, maintaining you live them for 16 days thatfollow earthquake 2004 diChuetsu of the prefettura de Niigata untildelproprietario...:news.google.com

Ratscontro the puppiesagainst the snakes - ArizonaRepublic
Rats againstpuppies against the Republic disnakesArizona,  AZ - the 27you open them, 2007That the haottenuto that I wonder if distinctionwere one dentrodichiara the law between the puppies and as an examplethe rapes -- unpasto more social acceptable for a snake. ...

Ownersadottano the puppiesfrom the function under quarantine -BostonChannel.com
Owners adopts the puppies fromfunzionesotto the QuarantineBoston Channel.com,  MA - the 26opens them, 2007BOSTON -- puppies adopts to you from a domestic animalthat local ilricorso sick man is obtaining, weeks after that the putsiastata function under quarantine. Marked AabrbbaaSource auctionquadradi connection of NewsCenter 5Sean...:news.google.com

Puppies on Prozac -primolitorale News
Puppies on the news of the shorelinediProzacFirst,  FL - the 27 you open them, 2007NBCNC --million diAmericani takes Prozac to the depression of the ossequio,but hour unanuova pooch-friendly version of the antidepressing isavailable pear trees dogs that suffer... the
Source: theold ones puppies dinews.google.com

2-Dayhave found insacchetto along the rural road - old puppiesdiNews4Jax.com
News4Jax.com2-Day it finds to you insacchettolungo rural RoadNews4Jax.com,  FL - the 27 you openthem, 2007Thanks to sure a good Samaritans, eight puppies babiestrovatiin a bag in a fossa in the county de Bradford are alive ebuoni.According to the
Source of the animal of the countydiBrandford...: news.google.com
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